Bright School

Bright School, Ambalal Bhavan, is a state-of-the-art English-medium school equipped with excellent and modern education and sporting infrastructure. It is administered by the ?New Bright Education Trust? and offers the SEB Curriculum.

Ours is a new-age, co-educational school with modern academic and co-curricular facilities. Life at Bright is vibrant, exhilarating and dedicated to the joy of learning. We are aware that learning is most rewarding in a community that is lively, co-operative, critical and fundamentally curious.

Education is much more than mere learning. It's a soul searching exercise committed towards excellence. And as challenges have grown over the years the education system has also evolved to stand up to these challenges.

Bright School encompasses in itself the entire gamut of skills & knowledge required in formulating the guiding principles which helps the students to grow into such individuals who are not only capable of competing with the best but also embodying the values which draw on our best cultural heritage. This dynamic combination empowers them to be the future leaders of tomorrow.


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