About Us

  • Bright school is one of the most prominent and leading school in Gujarat.

  • Ambalal Bhavan Unit is managed by New Bright Education Trust.

  • It is rare to find both, quality and quantity hand in hand, but Bright School has proved that it is possible.

  • With a large number of students under one umbrella, with superiors teaching techniques and focussed attention.

  • Bright students excel in all spheres, not only at National but also at International level.

  • Ever since inception, the institution has always aimed at achieving and maintaining the highest standards of academic performance.

  • SSC Board Examination’s results are always above 95% and HSC Board Examination’s results average 90%.

  • Names of many of our students are regularly in the list of top ten meritorious students of SSC and HSC Board Examinations at State & City Level.

  • Bright School provides the environment to enable our students to realize their true potential and evolve into confident and responsible adults who are able to contribute meaningfully to the society.

  • In this era of globalization where the scenario is of expanding horizons and sharing barriers, we trust in preparing globally savvy individuals with an emphasis on a strong value system.

Our School Emblem

"Our logo symbolises the flame of knowledge, immense value of books and take beauty of lotus blooms against all odds. The flame represents a ray of hope in the darkness inculcating virtues of values & discipline while attaining knowledge."

Our School Motto

"A will will find a way…"

Director Message

Education is a synthetic, systematic and sanctified discipline.

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Principal Message (Primary Section)

Our school is a centre of learning that believes that each child is gifted with special ability to serve mankind.

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Principal Message (Secondary Section)

We strongly believe in promoting our students grow as eminent thinking and wise planner (in building better nation) and hence shall strive harder each year in raising our own bars of excellence.

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