Mission And Vision

  • To provide an atmosphere to students that nurtures excellence in academics and also character and personality development.

  • To achieve integrated development of mind, body and soul by imparting training in academics, indoor-outdoor games and performing arts like dance, music and dramatics.

  • Bright School imparts quality education to its students at all levels, so as to make them passionate learners.

  • At Bright, students develop a caring attitude, dignity, self-respect a sense of responsibility and respect for others.

  • Students of Bright know that information is not education, but it is only one aspect of education.

  • So along with information, they cultivate the right attitude and also freedom of expression which brings joy.

  • It helps them to cultivate other human values.

  • We believe in perceiving dreams and to achieve them.

  • The school ensures to inculcate multifaceted credentials amongst students, making them responsible and humble citizens of the nation.